Upcoming Events:

Classes are subject to cancel! Please call ahead even for free classes! 

  • Produce Best Practices Training: Monday1/22/18 5:30pm BCEO

    •     You MUST call to register!    
  • Produce Best Practices Training: Tuesday 1/23/18 1:00pm BCEO

    •     You MUST call to register!
  • Kentucky Volunteer Forum: 2/8—2/10 

  • Orchids 101: 2/22/18 2:00pm BCEO

  • Pruning and Grafting: 2/24/18 10am Shaker Village $20

    • This grafting class will go over nutrition and growing info for apples. In the morning, there will be a hands-on pruning demonstration. In the afternoon, lunch will be provided and grafting will begin. Participants will take home 3 apple trees, as well as a grafting knife. 15 person limit, $20 payment secures your spot!